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Boondocking with Nick Gray

Samsung TV boxes an be reused as magizine racks of cat houses

I finally get to tackle a topic that I’ve wanted to cover since CES 2019. Back then, I ran into a new friend, Nick Gray who was in the middle of a 15 month quest traveling all around the country as a digital nomad with a wife, two kids and a dog. And that was interesting enough by itself, but then i learned about the community of digital nomads out there, and my interest got even deeper. So, I sat down with Nick to talk about his travels and we’ll get to that, but first, let’s dive into the news of the week.

Check out the Gray Adventures featuring our guest Nick Gray and his family!

Scientific American brings us some of the positives of COVID-19 including scientific cooperation.

Our headline of the week reminds us that the environment is reacting quite nicely to our social distancing.

Samsung is designing its TV boxes to be rebuilt and reused into magazine racks, entertainment centers and cat houses.

Facebook released its own game-streaming app, to compete with Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and all the other game streaming services out there.

5G towers weren’t bad enough. Now conspiracy theorists are going after Bill Gates for causing coronavirus.

A Theory of Zoom Fatigue (The Convivial Society)

Have you ever wondered why video conferencing can be so draining? So have we.

If you’re sick of setting a timer in the kitchen and having the living room home beep at you, we have good news.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings praised Disney+ in an earnings call this week. No word on whether or not he praised Netflix as well.

After going it alone for the past 18 month, Fortnite developer Epic Games has capitulated and made Fortnite available through the Google Play store.

IFA declared that this year's format will be "new and innovative" and there's a good chance it won't take place in person.

Motorola re-entered the flagship space with the Motorola Edge+ and it's a beast of a smartphone with a $1000 price tag and…<sigh> Verizon exclusivity.

Meanwhile, Motorola's relaunch into the flagship space leaves behind a casualty from its previous venture.

Reviews are in for the iPhone SE and DGiT has a good roundup.

A new zero-day, zero-click exploit is attacking iOS devices.

Google released footage of self-driving cars driving their first thousand miles. It's a little boring, and it really should be.

All the faces of Zoom meetings.



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