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Cutting Cord Cutters? Here's What to Watch!

Episode 20! In this episode we're talking to Phil Nickinson, who's in charge of, formerly and in this episode we're talking about all things cord cutting and more. What's the difference between linear and on-demand TV? Who cares?! YouTube TV is raising its prices again, and Phil talks about why that was inevitable. Plus we have general cord-cutting tips to help you ditch the cable company and go all streaming, all the time.

Brie Larson YouTube channel

Brie Larson started a YouTube channel because getting abuse from fanboys on comic book blogs wasn't enough torture for her.

Pompeo warns of potential restriction of Chinese TikTok app; US users may be ceding info to 'Chinese Communists'

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that they're looking into banning TikTok in the US because: China.

Samsung could follow Apple in killing the in-box phone charger

Both Apple and Samsung may ship their next phones without a charger in the box because: Profit.

‘Hamilton’ Drives Up Disney Plus App Downloads 74% Over the Weekend in U.S.

The video version of Broadway hit Hamilton dropped on July 3, prompting a 74% increase in app downloads.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 20 on August 5th.

Google Chrome ships new feature to increase battery life by up to 2 hours

Google Chrome has a new experimental feature that limits Javascript times in background tabs and improves battery life by up to two hours.

Walmart+, an Amazon Prime competitor, launches in July

Walmart is toying with its own subscription plan to fight back against Amazon Prime.

Quibi reportedly lost 90 percent of early users after their free trials expired

Quibi lost an astonishing 90% of its customer base after the free trial expired. Ouch.

Twitter Subscription Service Teased in Job Listings

Twitter may have actually found a way to make money, if it can get anyone to subscribe.

The Boys season 2 trailer promises a bloody, superpowered manhunt

Amazon released a trailer for the Boys Season 2, and if it’s only half as good as season 1, get ready for a ride!

Google confirms new Nest smart speaker with official photo and video

A Japanese regulatory filing included a photo of an upcoming Google Nest speaker, so Google released a better one.

Logitech pulls support for Harmony Express remote a year after launch

Logitech launched a new universal remote a year ago, and now it's retiring that remote, but it's doing right by customers.

Gary Larson, creator of the Far Side comic released new panels for the first time in 25 years!

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