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Moto Mods Are Not Dead, but They’re Not Not Dead

Today, we saw the introduction of the Moto Edge+, which is Motorola's return to the flagship phone space. But we couldn't help but wonder about a potential casualty of Motorola's last line of flagships, the Moto Z. Along with the Moto Z line of phones, also came the introduction to Moto Mods. Moto Mods were snap-on accessories that atached to the back of a Moto Z phone and added some functionality - a gaming controller, or a 360-degree camera, etc.

When the Moto Edge+ came out today with no mention of Moto Mods, we reached out to Motorola and asked about their fate. Here's what Moto had to say:

With moto mods, we set out to address consumer pain points of wanting a more tailored smartphone and customizable experiences, and we were the most successful implementation of any OEM.

Far, far, far, far, far the most successful. It's not even close. Moto goes on:

The experience and knowledge we gain through these types of pursuits stay with us as we innovate in new ways and release new products. Moto mods led to us building new expertise in 5G, and launching the world's first 5G mobile device. We know that our understanding of modular technology will help us build something even more exciting in the future. For fans of moto z and moto mods, these products will continue to be available for purchase.

So, Moto Mods are still for sale. If you happen to own a Moto Z generation phone, you can buy them. But we're fairly sure that the door has been closed on bringing more mods to the fold.

It's a little sad, but not entirely unexpected. It's important to acknowledge that Motorola promised three years of Moto Mod support, and gave us four. That's pretty awesome. Plus, as the quote says, this was by far the best implmentation of modular phones thus far, and Motorola derserves a lot of credit for that. Well done, Moto. We applaud you.

It also should be mentioned that in the quote, "moto mods" is all lower case, instead of "Moto Mods," which completely undermines every single instance I've ever written the words "Moto Mods." So that's fun. #brandingFTW


Mar 19, 2021

I have a moto z with 4 mods. they no longer even mention the moto z on their website or offer any moto mods - which is ok, I guess, as my moto z has literally a 5 min battery life, and can't stay active long enough to allow the use of any of the mods. it's like opening the window and tossing $1000 to the wind. I'll never but a motorola cell phone again

Jul 12, 2021
Replying to

I've had both the first generation Z, and the Z3... and spent the money for three mods.

The projector, which I loved dearly for watching movies on my ceiling I ING at night before sleep... the battery booster, which was great for long trips, and my every day mod, the JBL sound booster.

Sadly, my Z3's battery wore out and wouldn't hold a charge, so I had to retire it to my at home game playing, video watching machine.

My Z3 is barely two years old and today without warning, the battery in it started swelling, and separated the screen from the body of the phone!!!

Brought out my first gen Z, and the same thing. I will really miss…

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