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BLU G90 Pro Podcast review!

Our Blu G90 Pro is in. Can a phone with only 4GB of RAM actually be a gaming phone? You'll have to tune in to hear the specifics, but the answer is, mostly yeah. Blu delivered a lot of power in this phone, but some very important corners were cut. But did Blu make the right call to ship this gaming powerhouse? Find out here!

Unlimited power from the power of graphene? There are some caveats here, but basically, yeah.

Researchers have developed a tough, durable, and transparent wood which could have implications for windows, windshields, and more.

The devil is in the details, and the details are missing on the OG Quest. Android Central show us how much more power the Quest 2 has.

Nvida showed off a few neat tricks it can accomplish using AI in videoconferencing.

House Democrats released a 450-page report showing how Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon enjoy "monopoly power."

Joe Biden is hosting a Star Trek themed Zoom call as a fundraiser for his presidential campaign.

Uh oh! The boss is coming. Everyone look busy!

SpaceX has 715 satellites in orbit which should allow a much wider public beta test.

Facebook will block political ads starting the day after the election. Thanks Facebook.

Google Assistant can now open and perform commands within about 30 popular apps including Discord, Spotify, Reddit and more.

A man accidentally ordered a $4,300 upgrade to his Tesla by butt dialing it through the app.

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