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It's a Tablet-Palooza!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

In this shortened vacation week of the Benefit of the Doud podcast, we have two segments and we're talking all about tablets. First up, we have a comparison of the Lenovo Duet versus the iPad (7th generation). It's a very close competition between the two with each surpassing the other in different categories. Who is the overall winner? Next, we have out full review of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 Plus and the big question is, who is this tablet for? We have an answer for you!

No news this week, but full text reviews and links to the tablets are at but we still have clicky things!

From the Verge:

Check out on Amazon:

Special thanks to Lenovo for supplying the Duet for review. No editorial oversight nor payment was exchanged. iPad and Kindle Fire were purchased for review.



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