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The State of Android in 2020 featuring Jason Howell and Flo Ion

This week was supposed to be the week of Google I/O and while we're sure there will be announcements surrounding the Android community, there is no official event. At all. The hell? Well that's ok, because we sat down with Jason Howell and Flo Ion from All About Android to talk about the State of Android in 2020. Where did it come from, where is it now, and where is it going?

Yaks hauled eight tons of gear up Mt. Everest, so rich guys can stream live instagram videos.

Apple launched a new line of MacBooks Pro this week, which means no new MacBooks have that crappy Butterfly Keyboard.

Microsoft launched a new Surface Book, Surface Go, and two sets of Surface Headphones.

Motorola announced a B1G1F deal on the Moto RAZR, basically cutting the purchase price in half - assuming you want two of them.

Asian murder hornets are here, and they’re the size of bottle caps, and Jesus 2020, give it a rest already.

No Windows 10 X on dual screen laptops in 2020, according to Microsoft, but Panos Panay told us, so we’re kinda ok with it.

An Amazon Exec decided to quit Amazon and lose a million dollars rather than be a part of a company that treats its employees like robots.

Thor:Ragnarok director Taika Waititi announced he’ll co-write and direct a new Star Wars movie in the not too distant future.

Tom Cruise will star in an action movie filmed entirely in outer space.

We all knew that Apple was going to move WWDC online, but Apple finally made it official this week.

AirBnb is not having a great year because people aren't travelling. No surprise. So it had to let go of 25% of its workforce to the tune of 1,900 employees.

Feature drops are coming to Google Pixel buds, building on the service that Pixel phone owners have benefitted from.

Is VR about to explode upon the world? Joshua Topolsky sure thinks so and his reasoning is sound.

LG unveiled it’s new Velvet smartphone, a midrange phone with a flagship price in its home market of Korea.

Facebook announced the appointing of its semi-independent oversight board. But will it help?

Elon Musk and Grimes named their baby, only they can't agree on how to pronounce it.

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