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The Curious Case of Googleless Android with Daniel Bader

(Image credit: Huawei)

This week we are joined by Daniel Bader. He is the managing editor of Android Central and he’s Canadian which means he can buy a Huawei phone if he wants to. So he tested the Huawei P40 Pro and he loves that phone. But the P40 Pro does not support Google services and I wanted to find out what that was like.

IFA 2020 will take place as an invite-only in-person event with strict attendee limits (The Verge)

IFA will take place in Berlin this year...kinda.

HTC cofounder Peter Chou launches XRspace to bring social VR to the masses (VentureBeat)

Former HTC cofounder Peter Chou announced his new VR project, XR Space and the XRSpace Mova VR headset.

NASA and SpaceX Are ‘Go’ For Historic Launch of Crew Dragon With Astronauts on Board

SpaceX and NASA tried to launch astronauts into space, but the launch got scrubbed due to weather because it's 2020.

Wikimedia is writing new policies to fight Wikipedia harassment (The Verge)

Wikipedia's Board voted on Friday to adopt a more strict set of values and ethics governing volunteers on the platform in an attempt to stop harassment.

Twitter labeled Trump tweets with a fact check for the first time (CNN)

Twitter fact-checked President Trump's tweets for the first time ever did not go well.

Trump is set to announce an executive order against social media companies (CNN)

But of course, that wasn't the end of the story...

Jack Dorsey explains why Twitter fact-checked Trump's false voting claims (Tech Crunch)

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explained exactly what it was about Trump's tweets that got them flagged.

Zuckerberg: Facebook, Twitter should not fact-check political speech (CNBC)

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg is just glad that Jack flinched first.

Twitter Conceals Trump and White House's Threats to Minneapolis Protesters for 'Glorifying Violence' (Daily Beast)


HBO Max: Everything about the new streaming service (Android Authority)

HBO Max launched today and you might have it. Or you might not. It's weird.

Facebook launches CatchUp, an audio-only calling app that shows who's ready to chat now (Tech Crunch)

Facebook launched a new app designed to make voice calls when people marked themselves as ready to receive a call.

New Soli Sandbox app from Google available now (Android Authority)

Google is trying to encourage developers into figuring out new and fun…or really any ways to use Soli.

8GB Raspberry Pi 4 on sale now at $75 (

There's a new version of the Raspberry Pi on sale that carries 8GB of RAM.

Trading Standards squad targets anti-5G USB stick (BBCNews)

Someone is selling anti-5G usb sticks that use quantum technology to protect you from….Ok, I can't do it. It's crap.

Free Nest Mini offer returns for YouTube Premium members (9to5Google)

Google is giving away free Nest Mini speakers to subscribers of YouTube premium.

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