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TCL Is Innovation for the Masses

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

TCL is making a big strong push into the mobile space with its own brand of smartphones with the TCL 10 Pro and TCL 10L. But, TCL is also a kind of fascinating company, so I invited Brad Molen and Jason Gerdon to talk about TCL, TCL branded phones, 5G and foldables. It was a great conversation with two awesome guys I've known for years.

Android 11 Beta is out as an OTA update for Pixel phones if you sign up for the beta program.

BOTD got the Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook in for testing and review, and we were so excited about it, we wrote a first impressions piece on the site!

ZDNet writer Chris Matyszczyk watched his wife, a Samsung Galaxy S7 user, pick out a new phone, and it was kinda hilarious.

Google Duo now handles upto a dozen people on one call, and even lets you send out an invitation link.

Last week, we reported about a photo that could break your Android phone if you set it as your wallpaper. This week, we meet the photographer.

Co-founder of VR Disrupt Jack Wilmot spent a week under a VR headset...for science!

Just because Huawei isn’t building the US 5G infrastructure does not mean that Huawei ain’t getting paid.

David Imel at Android Authority wrote the best headline for his Huawei P40 Pro Plus review: Unfortunately Great.

Motorola unveiled two new smartphones this week - the Moto G fast and a new Moto E.

Xiaomi makes a ridiculously cheap fitness band called the Mi Band. It just got an update.

Amazon's will not allow police to use it's facial "Rekognition" software for at least one year.

Twitter wants you to actually READ and article before Retweeting it. I know, it’s crazy.

Sony revealed its design for the PS5 and several game titles coming to the platform.

Bill and Ted Face the Music has an official trailer and it’s not bogus. And hey, Alex Winter is back too, ya jerks.



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