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TCL 10 Pro review, DJI is in trouble, OnePlus's X-ray camera, and more!

Updated: May 24, 2020

TCL has been making smartphones for years, but only in 2020 would it launch its own-self branded phones, and we happen to have them both in our labs for testing. What does TCL’s first solo venture into the smartphone space look like? We’ve got your answers. First Clifton M. Thomas takes the TCL 10L for a spin, then Adam takes a deep dive into the TCL 10Pro and we only recommend you buy one of them. But which one?

A judge ruled against DJI for a drone patent, which by itself is a big deal, but that same judge also ruled against DJI selling most of its drones in the United States of holy crap balls!

The OnePlus 8 can apparently see through clothes. OnePlus is gonna put a stop to that.

A Texas court is set to have the first Zoom-based trial in the US. Good luck with that.

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan is moving his show exclusively to Spotify. Good luck with that.

Vivo showed off a nifty looking mini-gimbal camera concept and yes please.

Leaker Jon Prosser reported on Apple Glasses that are coming near the end of the year.

9to5Google leaked the probable price point for the Google Pixel 4a and other specs.

TikTok has a new CEO, and it’s someone from Disney. But is he a real BMOC, or is he a

Will your Oculus Quest power your next virtual meeting? It just might.

AT&T is finally dropping it’s 5Ge crap because everyone knows that AT&T is full of crap and now even AT&T knows it.

The creator of Deadpool keeps saying that there won’t be another Deadpool movie, but the CEO of Disney said “hold my beer.”

The first COVID-19 contract tracing apps in the US already violate their own terms of service and whoa boy...

Back in November, T-Mobile promised free service to all first responders as part of the Sprint merger. They just launched it.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a new spinoff on the Star Trek coming at the demand from the fans.

And HBOMax is going to release the Snyder cut of Justice league...if you care.


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