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Episode 8: OnePlus Is All Grown Up Now

Updated: Apr 20, 2020


Image credit: OnePlus

OnePlus released two of the most anticipated smartphones of the year this week – the OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro. We didn’t get a device in to review for ourselves, so instead we took a tour around the internet to some of the best reviewers on the internet for our Review Roundup. Plus, we take a moment to look at the gear we use to make this podcast.

OnePlus 8 Pro reviews we covered:

TheMrMobile: OnePlus 8 Pro Review: Becoming The Villain

The Verge: OnePlus 8 Pro review: high expectations

Techradar: OnePlus 8 review

Android Authority: OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro review: What should have been

Samsung finally killing off S Voice assistant as of June 1

Samsung is finally killing off S-Voice, and no that’s not the same as Bixby, but let’s be honest, it should probably kill Bixby too.

Foxconn’s Buildings in Wisconsin Are Still Empty, One Year Later

Back in 2016, Foxconn said it would build a billion dollar factory in Wisconsin and hire thousands of employees. Four years later, no factory, no jobs, and more and more lies.

Apple Plans iPad-Like Design for Next iPhone, Smaller HomePod

Bloomberg says that Apple is going to redesign the next iPhone based largely of the latest iPad Pro. Weren’t iPads designed after iPhones originally?

Apple's $399 iPhone SE is here, and it might actually fit in your pocket

Apple launched its latest edition of the iPhone SE, which is basically an iPhone 11 shoved into the body of the iPhone 8.  We’ll be reviewing it in a later episode.

Latest Submissions –

A crowd-sourced project to name all 16.1 million colors in the spectrum.  Make sure to vote for Benefit of the Doud Gold!

Is anyone else having problems with watching movies and constantly having to do volume up and down because the dialogue is too quiet and the background music is too loud? : NoStupidQuestions

If you’ve ever been watching a movie on your phone and you have to bounce the volume up and down for dialogue and explosions, you’re not alone and Reddit has the answer for you. 

Quibi to Let People Watch on Their TVs After Viewers Complain

Quibi will allow users to watch on TV, kinda killing the point of Quibi, while at the same time acknowledging that people want to watch content on TVs.

The Weirdly Enduring Appeal of Weird Al Yankovic

This is an in depth look at Weird Al Yankovich. It’s not particularly techy, but it’s a great read and he’s a triumph of all nerds everywhere.

Disney Plus’ butt cover-up hides a much bigger problem

Disney is using CGI to cover up naked lady butts in movies like Splash to make them safe for whoever has never seen a butt before.

Disney Plus will premiere eight-part Mandalorian docuseries on Star Wars Day

On Star Wars day (May the fourth be with you), Disney plus will debut an eight-part documentary series on the making of Mandalorian.

Unplugged: Air Guitar Is Like Guitar Hero And Rock Band But Powered By Oculus Quest Hand Tracking

We got a trailer for a new game coming sometime in the future called Unplugged: Air Guitar which uses hand tracking in the Oculus Quest to play air guitar.

Dell’s New Xps 13 Is Everything a Windows Laptop Should Be

Dell released a refresh on its XPS lineup. The Verge has a review of the latest and greatest.

Has NASA discovered another Earth? Perhaps

We have been searching for Earth 2 for quite a while now and NASA may have actually found it. 

Amazon’s Alexa gets a new longform speaking style

Amazon is giving Alexa a more natural sounding long form voice as if what was missing from Alexa was Alexa talking more. 

Apple changes default MacBook charging behavior to improve battery health

Apple looks to make a change to how its laptops stay charged, hoping to increase battery health long-term.

Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency gets revamp in response to backlash

Facebook is walking back its plans for cryptocurrency for all, in a move that surprises absolutely no one.

Star Wars Backgrounds for Video Calls & Meetings

Spice up your next zoom meeting with backgrounds from a Galaxy far, far away.

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