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iPhone SE 2020 Podcast Review

Apple's little budget powerhouse is in our hands and we're telling you what we think. Did Apple hit the home run that we all think it did, or will there be hurdles that we can't quite get past? Just who is this little phone for? That's what we set to find out, and we've got it all. Plus we have a new segment called the podcast pick and we're featuring the Brydge 10.2 keyboard. Spoiler alert - it's amazing.

The San Diego Comic Con will move to an online-only presentation, in lieu of cancellation. This is surely welcome news, but a lot less fun to cosplay.

Rumors suggest the iPhone 12 will have a 120 hz display. We'll see.

Microsoft is taking steps to prevent reply-allpocalypses in the future by telling Karen to just chill the F out.

The VR winter (Benedict Evans)

Benefit Evans contemplates the future of VR and it’s about as clear as a 1080p screen strapped to your face.

Huawei-released the Huawei P30 pro because people might actually buy this one.

President Trump extended the ban on Huawei for an entire year, and holy crap.

A Co-founder of Quibi blames the pandemic for Quibi's slow start. Because people aren't watching content?

Ashley Esqueda did us all a massive favor by listing and ranking over 100 streaming service available in the US.

The Lenovo Duet Chromebook tablet is out now, and it's a decent little machine for under $300.

Security researchers found major security flaws in Thunderbolt that basically invite attackers into your home for tea and cakes.

Marc Levoy joins Mario Quieroz in leaving the Pixel team and that's a whole lot of ouch.

Google is killing off Google Play Music this year in favor of YouTube music. Meh.

Twitter decided that working from home is going so great, everyone can just do it always.

The headline pretty much says it all - it's an inflatable bike and that could be a whole lot of fun!

Two astronomers wrote a book basically outlining what it would take to dethrone the Big Bang Theory as the prevailing theory of the origins of the universe.

A few weeks ago, we reported that Apple might be buying a VR company called Next VR. They just did.

Amazon unveiled a trio of new kindle fire devices - the Fire HD 8, the Fire HD 8+, and the Fire HD 8 kids edition.



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