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Episode 5: Full Frontal Half-Life: Alyx with Nick Sutrich

Updated: Apr 20, 2020


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We had a busy week this week. In addition to our podcast review of Half-Life: Alyx, we got reviews on the iPad Pro. Plus, we saw Royole’s Flex Pai 2 and a review of the Huawei Mate XS. You can watch Star Trek: Picard and test out Apple’s video editing software; both offering long free trials in light of COVID-19, and speaking of which, when life gives you unemployed strippers, you make lemonade. All that and more this week on the podcast!

Amazon Prime Video finally gets profiles (androidauthority.com) Amazon finally introduces profiles to Amazon Prime video, something Netflix has had since 1982 or something.

Portland strip club forced to close, so dancers now do delivery (oregonlive.com) Boober Eats is the new food delivery service started out of a coronavirus-closed strip club in Portland Oregon. The delivery charges are high, but food is delivered by two strippers, if that’s your thing.

Don’t bail out the cruise industry (theverge.com) There’s no better time for cities to take space away from cars (theverge.com) The Verge believes Coronavirus is the excuse humanity needs to straighten a few things up including road use by pedestrians and the possible sinking of the cruise line industry.

2020 iPad Pro reviews are out: the good and bad, and more (dgit.com) IPad Pro reviews are out, and they all say the same thing – this is the best iPad you can buy, but you probably don’t need it.

Royole’s next foldable phone is much better at bending (engadget.com) Royole now has a second foldable phone, and it’s one you should actually maybe possibly consider buying. Maybe

NASA explains why a weird, wheel-shaped blip spotted in space images isn’t a UFO (cnet.com) A wheel shaped object showed up in NASA stereo radar imagery, and people thought it was a UFO. *Narrator* It was not a reflection.

How do dolphins sleep? if dolphins need air to breathe then how do they sleep underwater? : askscience (reddit.com) Turns out any dolphin with half a brain can sleep and not run out of air…seriously.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Star Patrick Stewart Announces Free Month of CBS All Access (variety.com) CBS is offering 1-month trials, up from the normal 7 days amidst the coronavirus pandemic and you should use it to binge Star Trek Picard. Season 1 ended this week and it’s amazing.

Huawei Mate XS review: Hold ‘em or fold ’em? (androidauthority.com) If you want a folding phone with no Google services, this is your choice!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk: New York gigafactory will reopen for ventilator production (techcrunch.com) Tesla is converting part of a gigafactory to produce ventilators to help with the COVID-19 outbreak, and we give them props.

What it feels like to be laid off on Zoom during this crisis (protocol.com) What happens when you lay off 100 people at once? Nothing good. What happens when you do it via a video conference? Something worse.

Stewart Butterfield’s Twitter (twitter.com) A month in the life of Stewart Butterfield, Slack’s CEO on one of the biggest months ever.

Apple extends Final Cut Pro X free trial & offers new Logic Pro X trial for those at home (9to5mac) Apple is offering 90-day free trails on its video editing and audio editing software which is reportedly very good…but we don’t use it.

Tom Warren’s Twitter (twitter.com) 50,000 Microsoft employees got stuck in Reply-All hell on Friday.

Timbaland Music Pack Launches On Beat Saber Featuring 5 Original Tracks (uploadvr.com) A new Beat Saber music pack by Timbaland is tight – we love it, and you will too.

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