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Episode 4: Rubber Ducking With David Imel

Updated: Apr 20, 2020


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This week, we had a ton of Apple and even more Coronavirus news. Plus David Imel joins us for our first edition of the Reviewer’s Notebook. Hopefully you are self-quarantined and safe. Here are the stories we discuss.

LG V60 price ranges from $799 to $949 in the US ( LG (and carriers) revealed pricing for the Lv60 ThinQ 5G and the dual screen costs $100 extra. RIP.

Apple’s WWDC 2020 kicks off in June with an all-new online format ( Apple confirmed that WWDC will happen as an online-only event, because developers gotta develop.

Apple Card Won’t Punish Late Payments Amid Coronavirus Outbreak ( If you miss a payment on your Apple card, Apple won’t come after you…for now.

Apple Could Acquire Disney Due To Falling Stocks Related To Coronavirus Says Analyst ( Every way Disney makes money is affected by #coronavirus, making it particularly vulnerable to a takeover by a company that has a few bucks laying around.

iOS 14 code confirms Apple planning ‘iPhone 9 Plus’ with A13 as larger version of rumored entry-level model ( Code monkeys uncovered some hints that an iPhone SE refresh is in store, as well as a 5.5’ version because people like big small screens. #NotATypo

Apple’s new MacBook Air and iPad Pro: New floating case, trackpad support and lidar ( Apple released a new iPad Pro, smart keyboard, and MacBook Air and now no one knows what the hell to buy any more.

Tesla trails Waymo, Cruise and others in self-driving strategy, study claims – Roadshow (cnet) The only reason Tesla is on a list showing how close companies are to self-driving is because Elon Musk won’t shut up about it.

Trump’s Google testing announcement mixed up several real projects ( Technically Google is making a website. Technically Google is trying to help people who might have contracted COVID-19. Technically Trump didn’t really know what he was talking about…

Verily’s coronavirus screening site is basically unusable ( …because the website doesn’t work.

@Microsoft tweet: Companies unite to prevent misinformation ( Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit and more are pledging to stop the spread of misinformation about COVID-19 for all the good it’ll do us.

Coronavirus causes Universal and Sony to offer new movies as rentals ( Movies gotta movie, so now you can movie in your own home…since nobody can go to theatres anymore.

This is OnePlus’ new logo and visual identity ( OnePlus changed its branding a very, very, very, teeny, tiny, little bit.

Facebook Leaves Contractors Out of Coronavirus Bonus ( Facebook is paying contractors to go home whether they can work or not, and the Intercept is grouchy that Facebook won’t give them bonuses like it gave employees.

Try Peloton’s exercise app free for 90 days during your COVID-19 quarantine ( Pelotan has a pricey app that helps you exercise, and since everyone has to stay inside, you can try the app for 90 days, which is nice.

Samsung closes Canadian, US stores due to COVID-19 ( Samsung…apparently had retail stores…somewhere in the US and Canada…and they’re closed now.

Some AT&T stores are open during pandemic despite mandates ( AT&T thinks that selling phones is an essential business and employees can get arrested for all they care.

Music Streaming Reportedly Declining Due to Coronavirus ( People aren’t commuting to work, so they’re not listening to music.  Not shocking.

New things: iPad Pro gets a cursor, MacBook Air gets a usable keyboard, PlayStation 5 news, and more Playstation vs. Xbox specifications.  They’re basically the same. Shrug.

The best animal livestreams to watch while you’re social distancing ( Mashable put together a list of the best animal livestreams you can watch to remind yourself that outside actually still exists.


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