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Episode 3: Coronavirus Cancel Culture

Updated: Apr 20, 2020


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This week, COVID-19 got real. Phones getting cancelled. Conferences getting cancelled. Laying off of staff. It’s been pretty bad. But it wasn’t all corona all the time. This podcast is, a little bit, but it’s not everything.  I mean c’mon! We have second moon! Let’s dive into the important news of the week!

A new minimoon was found orbiting earth. There will be more (chicagotribune.com) It’s not a space station. It’s a moon. We’ve had it for two years and soon it will be gone.

Trump’s retweet with doctored Biden video earns Twitter’s first ‘manipulated media’ label (thenextweb.com) Try and hide your surprise…

Google tracked his bike ride past a burglarized home. That made him a suspect (nbcnews.com) One minute you’re out riding your bike, the next the cops are slashing your cushions.

What to expect after my blind date with the Huawei P40 (androidauthority.com) Huawei invited media to put their hands in a box and feel the next phone. Who’s more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows them?

Reset Your Computer Once a Year for a Happier Life (wired.com) Good advice, except for that whole needing to reinstall everything. But seriously it’s actually good advice.

DoNotPay made an extension for sharing Netflix passwords with friends (theverge.com) This is a neat Crome extension that allows you to share your Netflix, Hulu, or whatever account with your friends without giving them a username/password.

Next Google Chromecast could include its own remote (androidauthority.com) Google is making the Chromecast usable! That’s exciting!

The Truth About the Escobar Folding Phone! (youtube.com – MKBHD) Don’t buy one. It’s a scam by a drug lord’s brother. Again, try and hide your surprise.

EU plan calls for easier phone repairs, right to update ‘obsolete’ software (androidauthority.com) This could make owning Android phones a lot more interesting in the future, if this thing has teeth.

Microsoft Surface Pro X review: not yet ready for prime time (theguardian.com) An Arm-based computer you really can’t do much with. Whoopie!

What are good inexpensive hobbies you can learn within…14 days? : AskReddit (reddit.com) The nice thing about Reddit threads is they pretty much tell you what they’re about.

WHO declares coronavirus outbreak a pandemic (cnet.com) Coronavirus is a world-wide pandemic affecting all corners of the globe. Wah wah.

With iPhone SE 2 delayed indefinitely, source confirms Apple nixes rumored March event (cultofmac.com) The newly-minted pandemic is affecting supply chains and assembly in China, so no iPhone for you!

DigiTimes: Apple’s Travel Restrictions Could Delay iPhone 12 Launch Until October (macrumors.com) Other estimates say coronavirus will affect Apple’s September launch as well…

Apple says it’s safe to clean your iPhone with disinfectant wipes (engadget.com) …but at least you can clean your phone with disinfecting wipes that’ll actually help.

Samsung is helping its customers fight the coronavirus (androidauthority.com) Kinda.  Not in any meaningful way.

Wuhan Kids Give Bad Ratings to Homework-Assigning App to Remove It from App Store (interestingengineering.com) The kids in Wuhan China fought back…and lost…against e-learning, but still it was a worthy effort.

All Apple Stores in China Will Be Reopened by Friday (macrumors.com) With the virus subsiding in China, Apple stores reopen! But they’re closed everywhere else.

Pokémon Go temporarily won’t make you leave the house due to coronavirus (polygon.com) Coronavirus is so bad, even Pokemon Go won’t make you leave the house anymore!

SXSW Lays Off a Third of Its Staff After Coronavirus Cancellation (gizmodo.com) A lot of cancelled conferences are dealing with the fallout of cancellation including laying off of staff who they can no longer afford.

Coronavirus, Covid-19 News: CFR Cancels NY Conference on Virus (bloomberg.com) Just gonna leave that one right there.  Headline of the week.

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