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Tech Yeah! Anker Power Strip

This week for Tech Yeah, I want to talk about power. That's right, the power of Anker because a couple of months ago, I ordered a new power strip from Anker that has proven to be quite useful. My wife and I originally ordered one each for our vacation to LA that never happened, but as it turns out, we've been using the heck out of them since then. We've had to crash on the living room couch for a few nights this summer and this cable was very handy.

The cable itself is five feet long and it ends in a cube. The bottom sits flat on the floor, and the cable goes into one side. Each of the other three vertical sides has an AC Plug while the top has three USB-A ports and a power switch. That's really it. It's nothing super fancy for fabulous, but it has been really handy. When we've had to crash on the couch the AC outlets power a box fan and an alarm clock while the USB plugs power our phones and tablets. When we've gotten out the projector and the external speaker we use with it, the plugs power the projector and speaker while the USB-A plug powers the Chromecast or the fire stick we used with it.

Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't a life-saving device like Mophie's flashlight, nor is it life-changing like the Zagg keyboard Pro for my iPad, but they're very handy, and this is the kind of thing I think everyone should have one or two lying around the house, and if that's the case, why not buy them below and help out the show while you're at it?



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