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Tech Yeah! Mophie

This week for Tech Yeah, I want to point out a neat device that I got from my friends at Mophie. This is the Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged flashlight and it is what it sounds like. It's a ruggedly built flashlight that is very large. On the front is the lens and bulb with a power button on top. The flashlight is not a cylinder, but rather an oblong shape, like a tube that has been pressed down so the sides bulge out. It makes it a little uncomfortable to hold, to tell the truth. On the bottom there's a light bar that can turn white, red, or flashing red. You can use it as a floodlight for car repairs or a signal beacon if you need to. On the back, there are two port covers - one on the side and one on the end. The one on the side is a usb-A port that you can use to charge your phone if you need to because mophie is all about batteries. ON the very end is a port where you can plug in an included set of jumper cables. That's right, this flashlight can jump start your car.

The jumper cables are included along with a lanyard, USB-C charging cable, and wall wart for charging. They all fit in a convenient, albeit cheap feeling fabric bag. I don't have specifications for the flashlight brightness, but I can tell you that both the front light and the flood light are quite bright. I already mentioned that the flashlight isn't terribly comfortable to carry, and the body is constructed out of plastic. Plastic construction is a good and bad thing because, on the bad side, it feels cheap, but on the good side, it keeps the flashlight fairly light. Had this been made of any kind of metal it would easily weigh five pounds.

As it is, I quite enjoy it and it already saved my bacon once. It jumpstarted my 2013 Mitsubishi very quickly and with no effort, so it definitely does its job. When we're not using it, my wife and I keep ours in the trunks of our respective cars. It doesn't take up much room but it can be a lifesaver if you end up needing it.

At $120 it's probably a bit overpriced, to be honest. I have seen it on Amazon for closer to 80 which is a really good deal for everything it does. If you can snag it for that price, by all means do so. There's a link for it below.



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