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Tech Yeah! Poetic Cases

This week, we have a pair of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from our friends at Poetic. One way that Poetic really stands out from a lot of the competition, is in the 360-degree protection that Poetic provides because their cases come with a back and a front that goes over the screen. It's like a case and screen protector in one. The screen protector is plastic and a bit of a fingerprint magnet. You need to clean it carefully before putting the case on, but once it's on, the case seals shut super tight so that nothing is getting in there.

Both cases even have a port cover over the USB-C port to provide a little extra protection. The two cases I got are the Guardian and the Revolution. Both cases have the front and back on them. The Guardian has a mostly clear backplate so you can see just how black that black Galaxy S21 is. The Revolution has a solid gray backplate with a kickstand that pops out. The kickstand works in both portrait and landscape orientations which is really nice. I'm using the Revolution as we speak, specifically for the kickstand.

The cases are made of a rubberized material that provides excellent impact protection, and the screen protector provides scratch resistance. It's like the best of both worlds. Buttons are still very responsive even with this thick case on. The fingerprint sensor still works, but it's a lot more finicky with the case on than when it's off. The same goes for the wireless charging - it still works, but it's more sensitive.

Both cases have a neat futuristic look to them that complements the Galaxy Ultra quite nicely. I'll be using the Revolution case for some time I'd imagine. Check them out below and if you buy one, you'll have my thanks!


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