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The State of VR in 2020 featuring Russell Holly from Android Central

This week, we take a look at Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and basically any reality we can other than the one we're currently living in. Russell Holly comes along to give us his expertise on the subject. Where it's been, where it's going, and where we are today. From Microsoft Hololens to the Oculus Quest, we cover it all. Plus we have Tech Yeah! From Anker and the news of the week!

Rosie Summers creates incredible VR 3D paintings, as mentioned in the Russell Holly interview.

The first edition of our You Review Segment is coming next week, so be sure to get your questions in!

Amazon announced a new fitness wearable designed to help you know your body fat ratio and stress levels.

Can TikTok survive a sale to an American company? The Verge doesn't think so.

Police encourage people to get video doorbells and share footage with police, but those same doorbells can compromise the safety of police officers executing their duties.

Embargos are a bitch.

Rene Ritchie breaks down the Apple vs. Epic fight and what can be done to resolve it.

Baby Yoda returns! The show might have a bounty hunter too.

Trippy color changing back of a phone coming from Vivo. Gimmick? Probably. Fun at parties? Definitely.

September 8th is Star Trek Day according to CBS and there's a whole bunch panels and fun to be had.

Use your switch to drive an AR-driven RC car and race around your living room.

A four player, first person Avengers game never saw the light of day, but it looked really cool.

Some idiot in a jetpack showed up outside of LAX airport.



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