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Introducing: You Review

One of the most common criticisms of tech reviewers is that "they don't really understand the common consumer." To be totally fair, that's not entirely incorrect. As a reviewer I've used a half dozen laptops this year so far, and just as many or more phones. I've changed my doorbell so often, I built a portable doorbell rig. Every six months or so, I need to call my bank because I've reached the maximum number of devices you can have your debit card registered on for Google Pay. These are all extreme edge cases.

So, I want to give the common consumer a voice. So I'm launching a segment of reviews going forward called the You Review, which may or may not be the final name. The premise is quite simple - what do you want to know about the phone? I want your questions, tests you'd like me to run, photo samples you want me to take - within reason.

This should give you a voice in the review, because after all, these reviews are for you. I already know if I like or dislike something. I can tell you why, but that may not apply to you at all. So, ask me the questions you'd like to hear addressed on the show, and you'll get your answers. I will answer as many as I can in the time I have. So sound off on twitter (official account or at DeadTechnology), or on our contact form here and ask the question you're dying to have answered.

Our first device up for a You Review is the Google Pixel 4a. What do you want to know? Camera? Battery life? Fingerprint sensor? This is your time, and I hope to hear from all of you. Bring me your questions. The deadline for questions is September 10th, but honestly, the more complex your request, the earlier you should ask.



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