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The State of Electric Vehicles featuring Chris Davies of Slashgear!

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Image source: Telsa

This week, we have Chris Davies, the Executive Editor at Slashgear to talk about the state of Electric Vehicles in 2020. Yes, we know it's 2021. We dive into Telsa and its place in the market in light of competitors who are quickly gaining ground. We also look at the electric vehicle's place in helping (or hurting) the environment. Plus we dig into what a potential EV customer should know about buying a car before even going to the dealership. Plus, we have a tech yeah segment for a set of earbuds from TCL, the TCL MOVEAUDIO S150s!

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Xiaomi also introduced a concept phone with four waterfall displays.

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Digging deep into claims that Samsung is faking moon photos.

Google announced this week that it was shutting down its first-party stadia gaming studio and laying off hundreds of developers.

Your passwords available on Chrome! Yes, please!

That's the story.

And right after they announced this, Jeff Bezos stepped down as Amazon CEO.

The world's first 3D printed house to get listed in real estate can be yours for just $300,000.

Huawei's Harmony OS is basically Android 10 with few changes. Plus Huawei is a dick to developers.

Internet from space!

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