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Tech Yeah! TCL MOVEAUDIO S150 Earbuds

This week on tech yeah, I want to chat about my friends from TCL TCL sent over the TCL MOVEAUDIO S150 earbuds for me to check out and I've been using them as my daily headphones for a few weeks now. You can check out the unboxing below. These earbuds are tiny little guys that come in a small white case and when I say tiny, I mean tiny. The case itself is only 5cm square.

Inside you'll find two earbuds that bear a striking resemblance to another earbud maker. The buds stick into the case magnetically. When you take them out and put them back in, they always snap right where they're supposed to go. The buds themselves hold a charge for an advertised 3.5 hours of playback, and the case holds enough charge for around 20 hours. That's consistent with my testing, but I admit I never had a 3.5-hour listening session. Regardless they're not the longest-lasting buds in the world, but I've definitely had worse. The case charges with USB Type-C which is a must in 2021.

The earbuds are touch-sensitive which means you can control calls, music track skipping, and your digital assistant with a series of taps on one earbud or the other. There is no volume control, which is unfortunate, and the sensitivity on the tapping seems a bit high. I'll go to just push a bud deeper into my ear and all of a sudden I'm talking to Siri and trust me, no one ever wants to talk to Siri.

Speaking of which, these earbuds are shaped like those earbuds made by the nameless competitor, but I just referenced Siri, so you know who I'm talking about. These earbuds like those don't have any silicone tips on them. They hook onto your ears and just sit there. There's no isolation whatsoever with these buds, which is fine if you're out on the road or biking or running. When you're trying to ride a train or just enjoy some peace and quiet, these will not drown out surrounding noise and might require you to turn up the volume which is bad for your overall hearing health.

That said, the buds do not shake loose when you engage in physical activity. You probably won't lose them running or shaking your head, so they're secure in that way. The earbuds support Bluetooth 5.0 which means there's very low latency between a playing video and the buds. There's no disconnect when someone moves their mouths and the sound comes a second later. That's important in true wireless earbuds, and TCL has that right.

The overall sound is good. You get a nice balanced soundstage in the bass, highs, and midrange. They're very enjoyable to listen to many kinds of music, or podcasts. The best part is, they cost less than $40. You can pick them up on Amazon, and it just so happens, I've provided a link below so go check them out. If you pick one up, I'll get a little cut and you'll have my thanks.



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