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Tech Yeah! RAVPower GaNFast Charger

For this week's tech yeah, I've got a cool charger from RAVPower and right now you're thinking, "That's not very exciting." The reason I'm excited for this is because of one word - GanFast. GaN stands for Gallium Nitride which is the main component of this charger. Gallium nitride is a silicon alternative that allows for higher power delivery in a smaller package. RavPower sent me their 90 Watt GaNFast charger with 2 power delivery ports.

The charger is not tiny by any stretch of the imagination. It's about 6.5 cm square (with rounded corners) and 3cm thick, but it is a lot easier to tote around than the brick-on-a-string charger that my Lenovo ThinkPad came with. There are two USC Type-C PD ports that pump out 90 Watts of juice. It could theoretically charge two different laptops at the same time. This instantly became my full time travel charger.

The Charger is a black matte plastic build that feels solid and sturdy. The two prongs for the plug fold into the body. The USB ports are on the top of the charger, and there's some branding on the side. The charger also comes with a 6-foot USB Type-C cable.

It's not the most exciting tech in the world, except for the GaN part - that's really exciting because higher output at smaller sizes will lead to revolutions in this field. Companies like RAVPower will be machete slicing their way making trails for the rest of us to follow. Personally, I'm hoping that GaN chargers will become standard for laptops in the future, eschewing the "brick-on-a-string" chargers that come with today's laptops.

Overall, there's not much more to be said for this charger. It's compact and delivers a ton of power which means it's good at its job. You can pick one up for yourself with the link below. As always, if you grab one with that link, the podcast may get a part of the sale, and we thank you for that.


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