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Tech Yeah! Pandora Portable Power

This is a great last-minute gift if you need something for your boss or someone you admittedly like a lot because it's not exactly a fruitcake. This is the Pandora Portable Power charger from Infinicore. I unboxed this on YouTube as our video of the week. This is a nifty little device that has a ton of convenience packed into a small frame.

The P3, which stands for Pandora Portable Power, is just a hair over three inches square with a built in plug. It's a 110 non European plug, but it ships with a global adapter, so that's nice. This is a 8,000 mAh battery pack with one USB type-C port that supports 18 w power delivery. You also get two usb Type-A ports, a digital display and a power button all on the face.

Plus, on the side you have a silicon ring and a Qi wireless charging pad. All this in a tiny three inch square package. For an 8,000 mAh battery, that is pretty tiny. It has all the charging options you could possibly ask for - Power delivery USB-C, USB-A, and Qi charging. You can theoretically charge up to four devices at a time, which is pretty sick in this tiny package.

The power puck comes in black or white, and you can't really ask for more in a charger. The charger retails for around $50, which isn't too bad considering all the options you have here. I love this charger, and it's become my go-to charger because it has a built in plug. All that's missing is a built in USB type-C cable and this would be a perfect item. Normally, this is the part where I talk about the negatives, and frankly there really aren't any. You get exactly what is promised.

There's really not much more to say except just go get one. There's a link down below, so hit it up. Check out the unboxing and first impressions on YouTube, and if you're convinced, hit the link. If you pick one up, I'll get a small commission so you'll be helping the show too. It's a win-win.


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