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Tech Yeah! Desuccus Snowflake Tool

This week's tech yeah segment isn't really a tech item, per se, but it's definitely a handy item. This is the Desuccus 18-in-1 snowflake multitool. That's right, I said snowflake, snowflake. This is one of those items I saw on like Instagram or something and I was like "Hey, that looks interesting but I don't trust companies that advertise on Instagram, so let's check amazon, and sure enough. There it was. This is a round tool that's designed to look like a snowflake. Around the circumference you've got a variety of tools like a flat head screwdriver, Philips head screwdriver, and six different sized hex divers. Inside the flakes you have 8 nut drivers, plus there's a rope cutting blade, a bottle opener, and a hole for a keychain. I'm not actually sure if they count the keychain holes as a tool or not. They probably do.

So the main thing i got this for was for my bike. I'll hang this tool off the seat of my bike and I'll have it with me if anything goes wrong. But I can see it being handy for any number of situations. Obviously, having a normal tool will always be preferable. But for situations where carrying around a full toolbox isn't an option, this is a good substitute. Plus, it's less than nine dollars on amazon, so really why not.

The tool itself is half a centimeter thick, so it's sturdy and durable. IT's made of stainless steel, so you'll be heard pressed to break it. There's a bit of branding on one side - just the name of the tool, or the company. Whatever Desuccus means. Plus if anyone mouths off you can chuck it at them ninja star style and trust me, this thing will hurt. I'm kidding. Don't do that. Unless they're really a major jerk. No not even then just stop it. So if you're looking for a quick little multi tool you can shove in a pocket, or if you've already started looking for stocking stuffers, grab one off the link below and you'll be helping out the show, and you'll have my thanks.



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