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Tech Yeah! Anker Charging

Anker charging products.

This week, we have a trio of charging tech from Anker, and they've all made my life quite a bit easier.

The first one is the Anker PowerWave alloy pad. It's a 15 watt wireless charger that connects with USB Type-C. Believe it or not it's the first wireless charger I've gotten that does that. The Powerwave Alloy Pad is a black disk with a silicon disk on top that grips the phone in place. It's really fast at wireless charging, but if i'm being totally honest, it's a little finicky with the coils. The LG V60 can sometimes take a few placements to get everything to line up just right. The base is made of aluminum which gives this charging stand a really premium look. The unit I have is black so it goes with just about everything. I use this thing every day.

The second is a GAN charger which I have talked about in the past. This GAN charger is a slim boy, black with a textured outside covering. It has one USB Type-C output capable of 45 watts of charging. 45 watts isn't the most you'll find on the market these days, but the plug itself is very slim at just .8 inches thick with a plug that folds up into the body. If you need a high-wattage and portable charger, GAN is the way to go.

Finally, Anker sent me the 10,000 mAh Power core III Sense 10K charger. This one has two outputs - USB Type-A and USB Type-C capable of power delivery at 18 watts. The version I have is blue, but it also comes in coral which is great, if you dig pink. The outside is covered with a fabric feel which makes it nice to hold, and it's super slim for 10,000 mAh so it easily slips into a backpack pocket.

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