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iPhones, iPads, watches, and more with Vyyyper, the Man About Tech

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This week was Apple's iPhone event where we saw the iPhone 13, 9th Generation iPad, iPad Mini (pro but not really), and the Apple Watch Series 7. There's a lot to digest from this event, so we have Vyyyper, an Apple-focused Youtube creator on to talk about everything Apple had to show of. What did Vyyyper order from the event? What did I order from the event? You'll find out! Plus, we have a Tech Yeah item that has probably existed for a long time, but for some reason, I've never seen it before.

...before showing an iPhone attached to a scooter in a demo.

A new update to the Oculus should make you safer while hanging out in your virtual environment.

Google may incorporate nudges into Messages just like you get in Gmail.

The most boring avenger is getting a TV series this holiday season.

Xioami's latest flagship is coming with

Xioami also debuted its new Xiaomi Pad 5 which is a pretty clear iPad Air competitor.

Ray-Ban Stores are Facebook's new wearable, and they're surprisingly pretty awesome.

Instagram's CEO confirmed that Instagram will basically never have an iPad app. Jeez.

Nintendo pushed out an update that allows you to connect Bluetooth headphones to your Switch. Only took four years.

SpaceX launched a billionaire into space, but it wasn't Elon Musk and it lasted longer than frying an egg.


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