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Tech Yeah! Aukey 20,000 mAh power bank

This week for Tech Yeah., we're looking at a very simple item that has existed for a long time, but for whatever reason only recently came to my attention. It is the Aukey portable wireless power bank phone stand. It's an awkward name, but it basically sums up what you've got going on here. This is a 20,000mAh power bank, with a USB-A and USB-C charging port on the end, along with a digital readout reflecting the charge left in the tank. On the top, there's a bit of branding and a small TPU circle designed to show you where the wireless coil is. Aside from the button on the side to turn the power bank on, that's almost it. If that was it, this probably wouldn't be a Tech Yeah item, because it's simply not all that exciting.

But there are two other little attributes to this bank. On the bottom of the power bank is a plastic leg that comes out of the back and locks into place at about a 45-degree angle. On the top, there's a little flap thing that comes out, and when you use them at the same time, you have a Qi wireless charging power bank that is also a phone stand for watching movies on your phone.

When you open up the two little flaps and set the power bank on its side, it's at a perfect angle for watching your phone in landscape. Plus, if your phone has wireless charging, you can charge your phone while you watch. It's a neat little trick in an otherwise boring phone accessory.

The phone flap on the front and the leg on the back are a little bit flimsy? Also, it's a little weird that the leg in the back locks into place, but the flap on the front does not. It prompts you to wonder if you're not pushing hard enough, but worrisome enough that you don't want to break the flap. Of course, the worst-case scenario is that these two things break off like the kickstand of a switch and you just have a wireless charging 20,000mAh power bank and that is also not bad.

Of course, this is not revolutionary tech, but it's the first of its kind that I've seen, so I wanted to share it with you. If you happen to be in the market for a new power bank, hit the link below, and you'll have my thanks.



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