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You wanna do what I do?

Russell Holly is the Managing Editor at CNET. Before that, he was a manager at Future and he interviewed Adam to freelance there. So with all this experience managing people, Adam wanted to ask him what he looks for in a candidate. The answer may surprise you.

Plus, Cliff and Adam talk about a connected tablet, the TCL Tab Pro 5G. This is a budget-friendly 5G tablet that's currently exclusive to Verizon. Cliff gives us his overall impressions of the tablet and whether or not he recommends it.

Motorola and Verizon made a '5G Neckband' for lighter VR headsets (Engadget)

Offloading the weight from a headset to a neckband looks terrible, but it might be a great idea.

Facebook's obsession with everything 'meta' is getting annoying (Mashable)

Meta…mates. What the holy hell?

Bing users are real, and they like using Microsoft Rewards (Verge)

People use Bing. Seriously, they do!

Billionaire who flew to orbit with SpaceX buys three new missions to space (Verge)

The billionaire who went up in SpaceX's Crew Dragon is going again.

Pixel to stream Android apps to Chromebook/PC, here's how (9 to 5 Google)

A new Pixel-exclusive feature may soon stream apps to your PC.

Chrome OS Flex: Your PC/Mac is now a Chromebook (Android Authority)

It's ChromeOS on a thumb drive.

The Hummer EV’s battery weighs more than a Honda Civic (Verge)

The battery in a Hummer EV weighs more than some cars.

Apple-1 Mystery Is Finally Solved 45 Years Later (Gizmodo)

My own tribute to Serial Podcast productions.

Disney is developing planned communities for fans who never want to leave its clutches (Verge)

Want to live at Disney? Literally?

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