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You wanna do what I do?

Russell Holly is the Managing Editor at CNET. Before that, he was a manager at Future and he interviewed Adam to freelance there. So with all this experience managing people, Adam wanted to ask him what he looks for in a candidate. The answer may surprise you.

Plus, Cliff and Adam talk about a connected tablet, the TCL Tab Pro 5G. This is a budget-friendly 5G tablet that's currently exclusive to Verizon. Cliff gives us his overall impressions of the tablet and whether or not he recommends it.

Offloading the weight from a headset to a neckband looks terrible, but it might be a great idea.

Meta…mates. What the holy hell?

People use Bing. Seriously, they do!

The billionaire who went up in SpaceX's Crew Dragon is going again.

A new Pixel-exclusive feature may soon stream apps to your PC.

It's ChromeOS on a thumb drive.

The battery in a Hummer EV weighs more than some cars.

My own tribute to Serial Podcast productions.

Want to live at Disney? Literally?



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