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WWDC Wrapup - A Show Full of SURprises!

Apple nailed the presentation at WWDC, giving watchers a whole new keynote experience, which we frankly hope to see again. There's so much going on with iOS, macOS, watchOS, and so much more. Plus, Apple played catch up in a big way as compared to its competitor Android. It brought a lot of new to the table as well. Join us as we wrap up everything at WWDC and more!

Microsoft is closing down Mixer, it's game streaming platform in favor of partnering with Facebook gaming. Ouch.

Best Buy and Amazon are both dropping the price of the TCL 10L and TCL 10 Pro by 15% for the next week, which means you'll have to buy it today. Sorry.

Facebook retired the Oculus Go headset in favor of its Quest cousin.

Segway will no longer make it’s eponymous Personal Transportation vehicle, which is just crazy sauce.

Ron Amedeo at Ars Technica is pretty pissed off at YouTube music and I don’t half blame him.

Apple’s new MacBooks with its A-chip silicon won’t support boot camp which allows you to boot Windows onto Mac.

Slack really wants you to not send email any more, so it announced Slack Connect.

JD Power included Teslas in their annual car ownership survey for the first time this year and it was not awesome.

Amazon will buy Autonomous vehicle maker Zoox for around $1.2 billion, and a lot of people are pointing at last mile delivery services as the obvious intent here. We're not so sure.

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