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Wrapping Up December, Douding Thomas Style

This week, we're getting a little weird. Rather than a normal Douding Thomas episode, we've got a normal episode with news, Tech Yeah, and the whole shebang. Then Cliff and I recap the month that was, first talking about David Ruddock and Esper, and then Laurence Moroney and Stargate AI.

Our tech yeah item is a simple cable from Plugable that is a simple USB-C to HDMI cable. It added a third monitor to my setup and maybe it can do the same for you. I also added a second item, in case the first doesn't come back in stock.

Spotify has announced a lot of new podcasts, but hasn't actually released them.

2021 wasn't just weird here on earth.

Apple released an app to help Android users find out if they're being stalked by Air Tags, and it kinda sucks.

This week Google announced that all employees who refused the vaccination against covid 19 would be put on leave leading up to possible termination. Good.

This is a really bad exploit, and I don't really understand it, but it's bad.

Is Elon Musk a questionable choice for person of the year? Yes. Worst choice ever? Not hardly.

Oppo has a new foldable that should really make Samsung nervous.

This is our last news story of the year and it is not at all disturbing.



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