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Where Tech Meets Politics Featuring Juan Carlos Bagnell. Plus Apple's Big Mini-Day

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The intersection of tech and politics is happening more and more these days as technology becomes a more and more integrated part of our lives. As technology gets better, we need to learn how to use it, what it's allowed for, and what it's decidedly not allowed for. That's where politicians step in. A lot of them have no idea how this stuff works, but there are some bright stars out there. From political responsibility to just who the heck knows what they're talking about JCB is here to help! Of course, don't forget to check out the full interview on Patreon!

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Juan's links:

John Brodkin - Ars Technica

We also take a deep dive into Apple's announcements from the week.

Slack has new features coming that compare it to Instagram, Discord, and BBM, but none that compare it to Slack.

Facebook plans to ban Holocuast Denial content on the platform only about 60 years too late.

Seven nations around the world want tech companies to build backdoors into their systems so their governments can spy when needed.

Disney has realized that about the only way it can make money these days is to make original programming for its streaming service. Sound familiar?

Beat Saber has multiplayer now, but Beat Games made zero effort to explain how it actually works.

Huawei wants to sell off its low-mid tier smartphone division.

OnePlus 8T reviews are in and they all say..meh.

Samsung and OnePlus made fun of Apple's Decision to not ship power bricks any more, which pretty much means they'll both stop in a couple of years.

Pixel 5 reviews dropped and while most reviews say this is the best Pixel ever, but Android Police has a different take.

Our favorite jetpacker is back at LAX and they just need to be arrested as hell.


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