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What up WWDC?

Three Memojis watch WWDC on their laptops.
Image Source: Apple

This week, we take a look at my notes from WWDC. Apple’s developer conference is always the showcase for what’s to come to Apple’s ecosystem. Things like FAceTime for Android and Windows. Things like universal control tousle a common mouse and keyboard on your Mac and iPad. Things like Share Play and just how the hell does that work? We’ve got plenty to talk about and that’s what we’re going to do!

WWDC Links

WWDC 2021 (Verge)

Disney California Adventure has a new Avenger's campus.

The Bezos brothers will blast into space next month.

New Pixel Feature drop include astrovideography.

Everyone is telling you how to turn off Sidewalk, but don't.

Marvel's new show, Loki, started this week, and it's pretty awesome.

Samsung announced a virtual press conference at MWC about Wear OS.

A CDN called FAstly broke the internet for an hour on Thursday morning.

Sony dropped a new pair of earbuds starting at $279.99 and yikes.

iOS is build 2FA into the operating system in a stupid way.

Soon you'll be able to trigger actions from Google Assistant without the "Ok Google" activation phrase.

Hackers duped a poor IT person into giving them a login token.

Tesla launched the Tesla Model S Plaid edition.

Want to beta test full self driving? Tesla might give you a job.

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31 sie 2021

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