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Welcome to the podcast!

Welcome to the Benefit of the Doud podcast! I’m your host, Adam Doud. This podcast will not be your typical tech news podcast – though there will be a lot of that. Here you’ll get the news through the lens of a true geek with a passion for all things mobile, all things geeky, and generally living in the future. This podcast will include the news of the week, reviews of gadgets and tech I use every day, interviews with notable people in the field. 

Additionally, at the website here, you’ll get more written reviews of various products as I get them. Come for the podcast, stay for the writing!

Most importantly, this is going to be an ever-evolving project from start to finish, based largely on your feedback. Comment below, or leave reviews where you can.  Become a patron and join our discord community. There are a lot of opportunities here for you as a listener as well! I hope you’ll join me and be a friend with benefit!



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