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Unpacking Foldables featuring Michael Fisher

Image courtesy of The Mr. Mobile

This week, we sat down with Michael Fisher to discuss foldables in general. In the world of foldables, there's Samsung, then everyone else, so naturally Samsung took up the bulk of the conversation, but we finally have a foldable under $1,000 and that is significant. So join us as we take a look at the state of foldables in 2021.

Facebook quietly withheld a report that showed that it was full of shit.

The Oculus Quest 2 just got an upgrade and it doesn't cost anything extra.

PC Mag tested 4G and 5G speeds all over the country and found a surprising winner.

Good news, Samsung will let you unlock your bootloader. Bad news, you didn't really want to use your camera did you?

My favorite product presenter got a promotion.

The Matrix revealed its new title: Matrix 4: Resurrections" because "Matrix 4: We already killed everyone" wasn't as catchy.

The first Spiderman: No Way Home trailer dropped and the internet basically freaked the hell out.

Space X forgot to put space lasers on its satellites. Whoops.

Apple has to allow developers the ability to tell their customers about non-apple ways to pay them.

The internet doesn't make assholes. It just allows them to asshole more people at once.

You can buy a tiny space dick just like Jeff Bezos's gigantic space dick.



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