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The State of Apple in 2020 featuring Rene Ritchie

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Rene Ritchie has been a fan of and journalist covering Apple for longer than I've been in this industry. When it comes to all things Apple from Macs to iPhones, Rene is the guy. So with WWDC coming next week, I invited him onto the show to talk about the State of iOS and Apple in 2020, and we had a good long conversation. What's the difference between Jobs Apple and Cook Apple? What's the deal with iPad OS? Why is the Apple Watch so good?

T-Mobile tried to upgrade its network on Monday. It...didn't go well.

The US made a minor tweak to Huawei's entry on the entity list. Now US companies can work with Huawei...but only on 5G standards.

Not exactly the glorious return to smartphones we all hoped for, but something is better than nothing.

Want internet from space? Sign up to be part of the beta program here!

Want to Zoom chat with a celebrity? Sign up here if you insist on making bad decisions.

Parallels is working with Google to bring PC apps to Chrome OS, finally justifying $1,000 hardware.

If you want all the ease and convenience of Gmail, but less money in your pocket, you can try Hey!

Everyone is piling on Apple's App store this week. It's getting ugly, in a nerd-fight kind of way.

A woman who vandalized and burned a police car was caught by the FBI because she left an Etsy review. (Ars Technica)



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