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The Samsung Galaxy Note is dead, long live the Note!

Samsung Unpacked introduced three new phones and three new tablets. For the phones, we had the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra, plus the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8 Plus, and Tab S8 Ultra. Samsung has a ton of power here, but the biggest announcement was that Samsung is building an ecosystem in its devices that could be pretty cool.

Plus we have a Tech Yeah item that's a MagSafe compatible battery with a neat trick.

Samsung looks to start offering 4 years of OS updates and security updates.

The first Developer Preview for Android 13 dropped this week.

Use your iPhone as a point of sale terminal. That's pretty huge.

Nintendo Direct happened on Wednesday and was full of announcements.

The Nvidia ARM deal is now dead.

Disney made some bank last quarter.

Apple really doesn't like it when you leave, and that starts from the first second.

There will be no more Blackberry phones. RIP.

Pizza compass? Yes, please!

Tesla doors have flush handles which are really cool, except when they get frozen shut.



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