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The CES Samsung Spectacular!

This week we had not one but two major events in the annual Consumer Electronics Show and Samsung's Unpacked event. CES has a host of new ideas all over the tech space Samsung introduced new tracking tags, new earbuds pro, and three new flagship devices. It was, frankly exhausting, but we've summed it all up for you here.

It does not, but it's ok.

It does, kinda

This new vacuum from Eufy really, really sucks!

BenjiLock by Hampton introduced locks that have no

Apple has acknowledged Bluetooth connectivity problems on its new Macbooks. A fix is not the way.

Quibi is dead, long live Quibi...on Roku.

The first two episodes of Wandavision are surprisingly fun and charming.

MBS wants to build a city along a line, and it sounds weirdly impractical.

A hacker scraped 80 TB of data from Parler before Amazon shut it down.

Open World Star Wars? Yes please.

Multiuser accounts and app sharing are finally finally coming to the oculus quest and thank God.

CES News:

TCL and LG both showed off rollable concept phones at CES 2021.

A Japanese company called Quantum Operation inc introduced a wearable, non-invasive glucose monitor.

LG introduced a rollable translucent TV that rises from the foot of a bed.

OnePlus unveiled a new smartband that is well designed, but reviews are not so good.

Razer showed off a prototype gaming chair that extends a flexible screen around the user.

Moley introduced the world's first robotic kitchen and I gotta say it's very impressive, but predictably also very expensive.

NES and Lenovo showed off a concept device called the Lavie Mini which is a combination between a gaming laptop, a netbook, and a Nintendo Switch.



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