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Telling Esper's Story featuring David Ruddock, EIC of Esper

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This week, we're talking to David Ruddock, former Editor in Chief of Android Police. Esper is an Android-powered software as a service company geared toward fleets of single-use tablets. Esper hired David, plus Mishaal Rahman and Cameron Summerson to spread the word about Android and Esper's mission. So what's a story that needs three former EICs to tell? We'll find out.

Plus, we're looking at my favorite TWS of the year, the Soundcore Liberty Pro 3's. What makes these buds so good? The answer might surprise you.

Write a review and enter a contest. Listen to this episode for details.

Jack Dorsey is stepping down from Twitter, and sending a shot across Facebook's bow.

The new Twitter CEO once wrote a tweet that got conservatives' collective panties in a bunch.

Qualcomm launched its new smartphone SOC…

…and an M1 competitor for laptops.

Amazon forgot to test its app store with Android 12. Whoops.

Australia doesn't know how the internet works. Like, at all.

Elon forgot to pick up rocket boosters at Target on his way home so he freaked out and emailed everyone.

Nokia won't give Nokia 9 Pureview owners Android 11, so it's giving them a discount code to buy a new Nokia phone and go through all this again next year.

Microsoft's new ugly sweater pays tribute to a trash game.



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