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Tech Yeah! Intelli Power Station

This is the Powerhub charging station and that's an apt name because this thing has some power to it.

Taking a tour around the charging station you have a 10-watt wireless charging stand in front. On the right are two USB type-A ports that charge at 2A. On the left is a USB Type-C port with 18W power delivery charging. And on the back are two AC outlets as well. It has a 5-foot power cord and a power switch on the back.

For the longest time, I kept this on my desk and it was super convenient setting my phone in the stand so I could look at notifications as they came in. I could plug in any number of other devices around it as needed. It was my one-stop shopping for all things charging. Then, I moved it upstairs to my bedroom for nighttime charging. I mostly did that because I needed the extra plugs for my iPad, phone and watch, and I could charge them all overnight with this device.

It's only $50 which is very not bad for all the versatility you get with this device. The only real qualm I have with it is, it does not particularly travel well. I'd like to take this with me on vacation so I can charge all my stuff on the road, but this charger is basically the size of a brick and it doesn't break down very well. That being said, my wife did take this on a trip with her, so it's got that going for it.

Anyway, for $50 it's hard to go wrong, and as usual, if you click the link below, I'll get a little piece and you will have my thanks.



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