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Tech Yeah! Go Cube

This week on tech yeah, I want to talk about one of my favorite gadgets that I got for Christmas, the Go Cube. This is a Bluetooth-connected Rubik's speed cube that teaches you how to solve it. A speed cube is one where magnets hold the pieces in place as opposed to just friction. The result is you can turn it very fast and be sure that it will always lock into place.

So the way this works is, you download the app and pair it up to your cube. The app then walks you through a complete tutorial on how to go about solving the cube. There are various levels you can pass through as you learn various methods of solving, and yes I mean there are many ways to solve a Rubik's cube. The tutorials go at your pace with video demonstrations and animations that teach you the various algorithms you need to solve, and there are really only four which is mind-blowing when you think about it. By the way, an algorithm is a predetermined set of moves you make to manipulate pieces on the cube. Like right, top left top, right would be one algorithm.

Once you learn algorithms you need, you can then enter the practice yard where you solve the cube on your own, but if you mess up, the app will tell you what movies to make to get to the last place you were before you went off the rails. It's really neat, but I'm not sure that the app really tells you the most efficient way to get back there because I swear I've made one algorithm mistake and been sent off on a 40 move quest to get back to where I needed to be. Anyway, I'm sure the app knows best.

By the way, if you were wondering what I was doing while doing the QA listens while editing my podcast, ding ding ding.

The ultimate end here is that I was able to solve a cube kinda sorta on my own. If I picked up a cube now, I could get it like 70 percent done on my own completely unassisted. It's really fun and in a weird way, empowering. Rubik's cubes are one of those things I thought would always be out of my grasp, like writing code or understanding women. It turns out that the go cube has gotten me closer than I've ever been and that's exciting to me. I need to play with it a lot more before I can become a cube master, and I'll have the go cube along to show me how it's done until I'm ready to do it on my own. As always, there's a link below and if you pick one up, I'll get a little cut and I thank you for that. But for now, let's get on with the show.

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