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Tech Yeah! Apple charging stations

This week's Tech yeah segment is a set of devices coming from our friends at Mophie. This is a little different because unlike every other Tech Yeah! Segment until now, I don't actually have these devices in hand, nor will I be getting them and there's one very important reason why, and that should be clear already by the headline, but I want to be clear about this point. This isn't really a "recommendation" so much as it's a notification that these devices exist should you fall into the niche that they belong.

It's a trio of devices that are designed to charge your iDevices I don't currently have any iDevices, nor are there any in my future so it's not that I don't want them, I just don't need them. And the thing that Apple can lord over its competitors is it's strict control of its product lines. The reason why these items can exist is because since its inception, there has been only one Apple watch design so the charger that works with the Series 1 will work with the Series 6. Plus, you don't have watches from any other sources so you can make one charging stand.

This week saw the release on the new Apple Watch, which looks really nice, but in order to use an Apple watch, you need an iPhone. That's not me, but I'm not everyone, and there are a lot of folks out there who might want to pick these up, which is why I bring it to you. Everyone else can read my full review of the Pixel 4a, and that too will be awesome.

You may recall I mentioned on the podcast that Apple will no longer be sending charging bricks with their devices, which makes it even more important to pick up a solution that will work with all of your devices. And Mophie has some suggestions for you.

The first two devices are charging stands for your iPhone and Apple Watch. One charging stand adds a charging plate for your Airpods as well. What's cool about all of these is they all use Qi wireless charging to top off your devices. Plus, each charging stand clips on and off for easy transport. It's not like you have to figure out a way to make the stands with the pillars fit into your suitcase if you're going on the road. It's a nice extra touch.

Each stand has specially molded fittings for your watch and airpods so when you snap them in, they're in and charging the first time, every time. You can pick up whichever one fits your needs - if you have Airpods, get the 3 in 1, if not, get the 2 in one. I like that versatility.

The third item is the Mophie Powerstation all-in-one which is an 8,000 mah battery pack with a watch charging surface, a normal qi charging surface, a usb type-a port and a usb type-c power delivery port. So, that means you can conceivably charge four devices at once. What I really like about this battery pack is the Apple Watch receptacle on it. I haven't seen that before, and to be fair, I've never had an apple watch, so i've never really looked for it. Plus, that Apple watch receptacle flips up like a charging stand, or you can use it flat on the battery. It's so cool and knowing that I could snap the watch in there and be sure it charges, that's pretty solid.

Mophie is one of the higher-end lifestyle accessory makers, so it shouldn't surprise you to see that the pricing is on the higher end. The Powerstation all-in-one retails for 139.95, while the 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 charging stands are 139.95 and 99.95 respectively. Yeah, that's on the high side for sure, but especially where the charging stands are concerned, that's a one-time purchase that will likely work with Apple devices going forward. Since Apple won't help you charge your devices anymore, someone will.

Anyway, you can check out the links below to pick up the power stations and as always, if you do, you'll be helping out the show, and you'll have my thanks. Again, it's worth repeating, I have never tested these devices. I have worked with Mophie before and they make good stuff. But these particular items have not been tested by me. It's just an FYI that they exist and maybe they'll help you out.



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