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Tech-tober in March

Image Source: OnePlus

This week saw the release of over a half dozen phones from manufacturers across the board. Xiaomi, Poco, RealMe, Vivo, Moto, and OnePlus all launched phones ranging from budget to top tier flagships, and we take a moment to look at all of them. It's a vacation-shortened episode, so we hope you'll come along!

Seriously, stop sharing your vaccine cards on social media (CNN)

Your vaccination card contains personal information about you, so it's not a great idea to post selfies with it.

Microsoft in talks with Discord over $10 billion-plus acquisition: report (Verge)

Microsoft wants to spend $10 billion buying a company that made $100 million last year.

Proposed E-Bike Tax Incentive Could Reduce The Number Of Cars On The Road (Jalopnik)

A new bill proposes a 30% tax incentive for ebikes.

Slack now lets you DM anyone (Verge)

Inter-Slack messaging. Amazon opportunity, or spammers delight?

Exclusive: Qualcomm is planning an Android-powered Nintendo Switch knockoff (Android Police)

Qualcomm might be working on a Nintendo Switch clone for Android.

‘Black Widow’ & ‘Cruella’ To Release Same Day On Disney+ And In Theaters (Deadline)

Black Widow launches on July 9 on Disney Plus and in theaters.

Disney+ U.S. Price Increasing to $7.99/Month This Friday (MacRumors)

Disney plus is going up one dollar per month.

The Ingenuity helicopter carried a piece of Wright brothers history to Mars (CNN)

Perseverance's drone will carry a piece of the Wright brothers' plane with it.

This asteroid won't impact Earth for at least a century, NASA finds

Apophis won't crash into earth for at least 100 years.

The Suicide Squad trailer is here, and the film looks wonderfully bonkers (CNET)

James Gunn's Suicide quad trailer dropped.

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