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Tech-tober in March

Image Source: OnePlus

This week saw the release of over a half dozen phones from manufacturers across the board. Xiaomi, Poco, RealMe, Vivo, Moto, and OnePlus all launched phones ranging from budget to top tier flagships, and we take a moment to look at all of them. It's a vacation-shortened episode, so we hope you'll come along!

Your vaccination card contains personal information about you, so it's not a great idea to post selfies with it.

Microsoft wants to spend $10 billion buying a company that made $100 million last year.

A new bill proposes a 30% tax incentive for ebikes.

Inter-Slack messaging. Amazon opportunity, or spammers delight?

Qualcomm might be working on a Nintendo Switch clone for Android.

Black Widow launches on July 9 on Disney Plus and in theaters.

Disney plus is going up one dollar per month.

Perseverance's drone will carry a piece of the Wright brothers' plane with it.

Apophis won't crash into earth for at least 100 years.

James Gunn's Suicide quad trailer dropped.



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