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TCL 20S and 20SE: Budget badasses?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

TCL introduced a trio of smartphones two weeks ago. Cliff and Adam have gone hands-on with the TCL 20S and the TCL 20SE and they're ready to share some thoughts. Are they top contenders in the budget smartphone space? Should you put your hard-earned dollars toward them? They answer those questions and more.

Tech Yeah! - LEGO Space Shuttle

Early reports suggested that Audacity had turned into Spyware. Not surprisingly they were greatly exaggerated.

Russians unleashed the nerds on small and medium-sized businesses weeks after Biden talked tough to Putin. Related?

Trump is suing Facebook, Twitter, and Google to get his social media accounts back even though he doesn't have a social media account with Google. He's a moron, you see.

YouTube's recommendation engine is terrible.

Nintendo released a new Switch, but all that's new is the OLED display.

OnePlus takes another step into Mama Oppo's arms.

For some reason, OnePlus throttles a lot of popular apps on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

Qualcomm is releasing a smartphone for some damn reason.

The FBI hacked a bunch of Pixel 3as and 4as and sold them to criminals so the FBI could spy on them.



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