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TCL 20 Pro Podcast Review: Midrange Evolution

This is my TCL 20 review which is a great evolution of TCL's flagship phone. This $500 beauty has the great build and screen that we expect to see in TCL's flagship. That's bolstered by excellent software and a very decent camera. TCL is punching above its weight class with its latest flagship phone, and we've got a full look here for you.

Plus, Cliff takes a look at the Microsoft Duo, and answers your questions about it. Is it a phone? Does it stand out? How's the camera. We've got all that and more for you on the podcast!

Cleveland baseball team now in fight with roller derby team over the name Guardians (Deadspin)

The Cleveland Indians decided to change their name to the Cleveland Guardians, but forgot to see if the domain was available first. It was not.

Made By Google on Twitter: "Here's a sneak peek at the newest Google Phones..." (Twitter)

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: I held both. Here's what you need to know (Verge YouTube)

On Monday, Google rolled out a Twitter thread revealing details about the upcoming Google Pixel 6. The Verge got to play with it.

Fans Launch '365 Days of Stargate' Campaign To Rally For New Show (GateWorld)

Over 20,000 fans sign a petition for Samsung to launch a new Note series (GizChina)

SamMobile and GateWorld are both driving fan efforts to restore the Galaxy Note and the Stargate franchise respectively.

History of Dean Kamen's Segway: The mysterious invention was going to change the world, and I helped kill it. (Slate)

A look at the rise and fall of the Segway.

Google may have achieved a scientific breakthrough: Time crystals (

Google's Quantum computer made a Time Crystal. Whatever that means.

Google’s new Nest cameras and doorbell have lower prices and more smarts (The Verge)

Google introduced four new smart home devices including a refresh of the Nest Hello doorbell.

Xiaomi dethrones Samsung to become the world's largest smartphone brand (Android Central)

Xiaomi passed Samsung to become the number one smartphone company in the world.

Apple's Plan to "Think Different" About Encryption Opens a Backdoor to Your Private Life (

Apple is going to scan for CSAM photos and report to government agencies when necessary.

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser: Disney's Egregious Prices, More Details (

Disney's new hotel costs $6,000 for two days for a family of four.

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