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Talking Google I/O featuring Daniel Bader of Android Police!

This week, Adam talks to Daniel Bader, Editor-in-Chief of Android Police about Google I/O, the annual developer's conference for your friendly neighborhood billion-dollar search giant. There's a lot to cover - search, Pixels, watches, tablets, and more, and we're breaking it all down.

Plus we have a spontaneous Tech Yeah item, the Technics EAH-AZ60 which are my default absolute go-to earbuds these days. They're not cheap, but they're pretty great.

Carvana Lays Off Thousands on Same Day It Buys Auction House (

Carvana left go of 12% of its workforce, and then bought a car auction company.

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal fires two top executives, freezes hiring - The Verge

Twitter fired two C-level employees, one while he was on paternity leave. Not cool.

Time spent in space changes astronauts' brains | Digital Trends

Turns out being in space alters your brain.

The Nexus 7 was the perfect right-place, right-time product | Digital Trends

10 years on, Google Glass is still a Google I/O high point | Digital Trends

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Nexus 7 tablet and Google Glass, so Digital Trends took a look back.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Review | Digital Trends

The DJI mini 3 is a lot more expensive than the original, but it's worth it.

Tiger steaks and lion burgers: Lab-grown exotic animal meat is on the way

Ever wondered what Simba would taste like? This company may help you find out.

Blackhole at the center of our Galaxy imaged for the first time

We've got another photo of a black hole, this one at the center of our galaxy!

Lego built a $170 Transformers Optimus Prime that actually transforms - The Verge

It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine!

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