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Taking the good with the bad featuring Joe Hindy

This week, we have a pair of top stories for you. First, we sit down with the TCL MoveAudio S600 TWS earbuds (Amazon). I've been using them for weeks and I'm ready to share some thoughts. Are these $99 earbuds a sweet deal or a bust? Then, we sit down with Joe Hindy to talk about the worst part of his day. It's another peek behind the curtain as we show you a day in the life of a tech writer. So how bad is it? You'll find out.

Check out Verizon's rapid deployment vehicle for disaster areas called THOR...seriously.

Headline of the week, that's all we really have to say here.

Apple refused to let Fortnite back into the App store because F-U Time Sweeney.

Facebook released two new portal devices that people won't buy.

OnStar subscribers with Echo devices will soon be able to access the service from their Alexa-powered devices.

Amazon released three new Kindle devices: An update to the Kindle Paperwhite, plus a kids edition and Signature edition.

Pooping in space is hard.

This device allows you to turn any wood or plastic table into a wireless charging pad.

Microsoft' Surface event this week introduced a number of new devices. We focused on the Surface Laptop Studio and the Surface Duo 2.

The EU announced a proposed rule that would force electronics makers to use USB-C, including Apple.

Scientists created the world's whitest paint to help fight against climate change.


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