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Take a cruise to the stars featuring Michael Fisher, the Mr. Mobile!

Beyond foldables, another Michael Fisher passion is Star Trek. When the opportunity to take a Star Trek-themed cruise came up, he combined his love of space ships and ships of the sea and set sail for seven days. He came onto the podcast to tell us all about it. It's an adventure at sea, and we even work in a Ghostbusters #TechYeah!

In light of Russia's use of the letter Z as a rallying cry, Samsung has rebranded its foldables in the region to something that makes sense.

You get what you pay for.

…Next story.

You see, if we give away games, people won't buy them.

Spotify is a "Reader" app. Seriously.

Wanna fix your own Samsung phone? We have good news.

Just read this. and don't watch the video. Please.

One of the biggest gaming conferences has been canceled.

The Hubble telescope spied a star 12.9 billion light-years away in the craziest way possible.



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