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T-Mobile REVVL 5G Podcast review: Socially Acceptable

This week, we're taking a look at T-Mobile's own affordable 5G smartphone. For just $400, you can have nationwide 5G on google old Magenta, but before this starts to sound like an ad, there are some compromises. After all, the phone only costs $400. But this phone cuts a lot of right corners in its quest for affordability. Let's take it for a spin.

Here's our new Alexa skill:

Here's our YouTube channel:

Here's our TikTok channel:

Apple Music TV is Apple's version of MTV, but with actual music videos, not just stupid reality TV shows.

Disney is owning its mistakes, and that's good. Would've been better had it not made those mistakes at all but owning mistakes is a good thing.

Google will help you locate polling places and ballot boxes, so go vote, yeah?

Google is being sued for antitrust violations, just like Microsoft back in the day.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said social networks will probably require regulation because people are dumb.

10,000 words about Foxconn screwing over the entire state of Wisconsin.

A NASA satellite touched and grabbed samples form a near-earth asteroid and wil return the samples in 2023.

LinkedIn has stories or whatever.

Israeli startup Ree has an idea about how to build electric cars.

Time travel paradoxes are not possible because time self-corrects, according to physicists.

Buh-bye Quibi.



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