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Steamdeck Podcast review: Imperfect perfection

Adam is not a gamer. We all know this, so in order to fully appreciate this device, we need gamers, so we got two of them. Giovanni Colantonio, host of the Left Trigger, Right Trigger podcast and Matt Silverman of the Matt and Collette have entered the chat podcast are on hand to talk about the Steamdeck and how it's one of the most revolutionary gaming devices of our time.

The EU is not messing around…

The Kindle Fire 7 got USB-C before the iPhone!

Elon might have found a nice loophole that literally everyone knew about.

If you didn't know what the S&P 500 ESG index is, that's ok. Tesla's not on it, and Elon is pissed.

Another day, another wireless hack.

Good news for the folk.

Yes, it was officially still around…until now.

YouTube is catching up to Spotfiy on Google's own platform. Yay?

Want to know how bad the skeeters will be?



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