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Sony Xperia 5 II review: Sony's Love Letter to Photographers

It's time for our Sony Xperia 5 mark ii podcast review and Sony's latest flagship non-pro phone packs a lot of punch for the modern photographer. Sony also put an emphasis on gaming for this phone, adding a bigger battery and 120hz.

A lawyer got stuck on a legal zoom call behind a cat filter.

Expanscape built a 7-screen laptop. Seriously.

OnePlus + Hasselblad = <3 ?

Unlock your iPhone with your watch. Only took a year of wearing a mask.

Korean firesale of LG phones. Uh oh…

Android people are better at relationships. Not really, but kinda.

The Surafce Duo got a $400 price drop and still is somehow too expensive.

You can watch Apophis swing by Earth before it heads out into space.

Want a Facebook watch? Yeah, neither do I.

Alan Shappard hit a golf ball on the moon back in 1971 and we only just now found it.

AI can help you train your good boi.



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