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Sony Xperia 5 II review: Sony's Love Letter to Photographers

It's time for our Sony Xperia 5 mark ii podcast review and Sony's latest flagship non-pro phone packs a lot of punch for the modern photographer. Sony also put an emphasis on gaming for this phone, adding a bigger battery and 120hz.

'I'm not a cat': Video shows lawyer can't turn off kitten filter during Zoom court appearance (NBC News)

A lawyer got stuck on a legal zoom call behind a cat filter.

This seven-screen laptop is the most bizarre tech you'll see all year (Laptop Mag)

Expanscape built a 7-screen laptop. Seriously.

OnePlus 9 Pro and its Hasselblad camera branding revealed in new leak (XDA)

OnePlus + Hasselblad = <3 ?

Apple Releases First watchOS 7.4 Public Beta With iPhone Unlocking Feature (Mac Rumors)

Unlock your iPhone with your watch. Only took a year of wearing a mask.

LG smartphones sold for halved prices before announcement on fate of mobile unit (Korea Herald)

Korean firesale of LG phones. Uh oh…

Relationship study says Android users better partners (Android Authority)

Android people are better at relationships. Not really, but kinda.

Does a $400 Price Cut Make Microsoft's Surface Duo Worth It? (Droid-Life)

The Surafce Duo got a $400 price drop and still is somehow too expensive.

Watch Live as 'God of Chaos' Asteroid Has Close Encounter with Earth (Newsweek)

You can watch Apophis swing by Earth before it heads out into space.

Facebook is secretly building a smartwatch and planning to sell it next year (Verge)

Want a Facebook watch? Yeah, neither do I.

Remastered images reveal how far Alan Shepard hit a golf ball on the Moon (Ars Technica)

Alan Shappard hit a golf ball on the moon back in 1971 and we only just now found it.

Researchers built an AI that recognizes and rewards good doggos (Engadget)

AI can help you train your good boi.

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